Portfolio: Lazy Z - PI Marine Elite Systems Integrators

Lazy Z

51 meters


  • Design, develop and install a powerful yet serviceable system that is user friendly and laden with features that are on par with today's offerings.

  • Integrate a system featuring all sources, in every room, while using the extremely confining space on-board.


PI Marine has been improving and troubleshooting our audio/visual system for over three years. Fast response times and impeccable service both on the phone and on-board. Why would I call anyone else?
Captain, MY Lazy Z


PI Marine delivered a comprehensive solution that provided the ultimate digital entertainment solution while at sea. We also successfully integrated various systems with single-source control panels, each conveniently located throughout the yacht. The result: a unified, user-friendly system that provides the crew with instant access to settings, security cameras, and other vital on-board utilities.


  • iPad control for entertainment system.
  • Custom graphics interface designed by PI Marine with full, one-touch functionality for all entertainment systems.
  • Kaliedescape digital movie and music server system with over 1,000 films and 400 cds.
  • XM/Sirius satellite and Creston iPod docking stations located in each room.
  • Direct TV Satellite and Kaliedescape movie server integrated on every display.
  • Location based satellite selection.
  • Party mode audio (pre-set music in specific areas on yacht).