With our communications solutions, you'll be able to get completely away but stay completely connected at the same time.

At PI Marine, we realize that a breakdown in communication is disruptive, uncomfortable, and downright dangerous. That's why our engineers utilize multiple redundant systems to assure you will never be disconnected. And using our command of the latest technologies, a secured satellite video conference call to attend a multinational board meeting within the comforts of your yacht can seem as a simple and effortless as a request from the galley. Using both wired and wireless technology, your yacht can be outfitted with the very latest encrypted computer networks that will keep you connected to the world as you travel and explore.

Throughout our entire process, every single consideration is made to ensure your privacy and guarantee that security will not be compromised at sea or in a foreign port. In doing so, we also assure that all the comforts of home, coupled with the technology of modern enterprise, are available at your disposal. Wherever you are, we'll have the world at your fingertips.