Services: Entertainment - PI Marine Elite Systems Integrators


Whether at your home port, docked abroad, or even under way, you deserve to have every last luxury and amenity available to you.

At PI Marine, we afford you limitless control of your entertainment systems. We can orchestrate ship-wide audio from a waterproof handheld remote on the aft sun deck, set the mood for cocktails at sunset, and then incite a twilight dinner at sea from any one of the nearly invisible control stations. As the evening winds down, we'll enable you to adjourn to your studio-quality theater to select from a seemingly endless choice of movies, all of which are instantly available to you.

Using independent source selections, we can simultaneously distribute digital media, while ensuring optimal picture and sound quality, to staterooms and any number of predefined zoned entertainment environments. Your custom PI Marine system will be tailored to satisfy everyone on-board, no matter their taste, or their locale. With strategically and discreetly positioned control stations ship-wide, you and your guests can experience outstanding picture and sound quality sure to satisfy individual preferences. Be ready to be entertained.