Services: Environment - PI Marine Elite Systems Integrators


We'll Illuminate your every step, warm and cool on demand, and create the perfect environment for everyone on-board.

We provide the perfect on-board ambiance for everyone, everywhere. With our completely customized lighting and climate control systems, we provide zoned comfort spaces for both you and your guests throughout the vessel. Each zone can be tailored and programmed to evoke a particular time of day, or suggest a desired mood, that will captivate your guests, and enhance the ambiance of your vessel.

With our supremely user-friendly interface at your fingertips, being in control of your ship's environments has never been easier. To enlighten your every move, our advanced motion sensing technologies shine light wherever you go so that you and your guests feel safe, secure and relaxed. Or perhaps you enjoy a cool night's breeze, but your guests need a little warmth… our intelligent environment control systems allow you to set the ideal temperature from any one of the control stations throughout your vessel. What's more: our system can be choreographed to ensure a comfortable environment everywhere. While you're at play, you can ready the staterooms for a good night's sleep and simultaneously monitor the wine cellar. Environmentally speaking, our goal is to provide you with heaven on earth... at sea.