Our security solutions will make you feel safe and sound, even in the farthest reaches of the world.

At the end of the day, PI Marine security provides you with peace of mind, no matter your destination. Our integrated security solutions are designed to protect you, your guests, your crew, and your yacht, from the most challenging threats. Whether you're docked at home or traveling to the most foreign port, our solutions provide the industry's most technically advanced protection systems.

Our team of security experts works in unison to assess, develop, and then implement an approach that takes every last detail into account when it comes to protecting your vessel. In addition to VIP/Dignitary protection, we strategize, design, and incorporate an array of security measures that are tailored for every installation. Using only the most advanced video surveillance, alarm systems, life safety, and remote access controls both above and below deck, our security solution approach is second to none. And with the final system in place, your security is virtually undetectable yet amazingly reliable. Enjoy the world, and feel secure at the same time.